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The Commonwealth War Graves Commission maintains a Debt of Honour Register that lists 1.7 million men and women who died serving the Commonwealth during the two World Wars. Visit the Commonwealth War Graves Commission Web Site. You can also see the eight Forrets listed in the database. All information on the linked pages above is copyright the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

Visitors to the message boards may have noticed a variety of inappropriate posts over the past months. To more effectively combat this spam, and to improve on the forum's structure, the board has been redesigned. Messages can be viewed by all site visitors. However, in order to post on the board, users must now register using a valid e-mail address and a username. Once you have established a user account, you can then log in and post messages. There is no cost, and registration information will NOT be sold, given away or used by the administrators of this site. This is strictly to ensure a "garbage-free" environment for communication between authentic users. Visit the new and improved Message Board.

Thank you to Charles Forret for updates to the tree of Andrew Forret and Johnann Cambell Gilmour. See the information in the Scottish Lineage.

Thank you also to John Hindmarsh for updates to the Douglas Hindmarsh family tree. John's updates can also be found here.

Special thanks to all who have contacted us by e-mail with offers of expanded Forret information. We've been a little slow on the response lately, but your information is very welcome, and updates will be added to the site.

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