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The Belgian Lineage

When researching the Belgian lineage, the towns of Wingene and Pittem, West Flanders, are recurring points of geographical reference for the Forrets. As is noted in the lineage title, the surname was originally spelled minus one "r." The current spelling's origin cannot be authoritatively pinpointed to one date.

Recently, we received information that has tied the lineage of Camille (Camiel) Forret to the lineage of Adrianus Foret. Ann Marie Freeman, a member of the Belgium RootsWeb Mailing List and volunteer for her local LDS family research center, provided the documentation that made this possible. For that, we are extremely grateful. Camiel was a son of Clement and Marie (Lanckriet) Forret. If anyone has further information regarding other children of Clement and Marie, please let us know. An insightful biography of Edmond Forret, Camiel's son, is found below.

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