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It is our hope that this genealogy resource page will continue to grow with the help of others. There are likely many other Forrets who have undertaken the task of tracking family history. If you have resources you would like to see added here, please e-mail us at

Genealogy Directories/Help

Online Translators



Genealogy Software
Genealogy Software for PDAs
  • BirthCalc (Calculate a birthdate from date of death)
  • GedStar (Export your GEDCOM data to your Palm)
  • GedWise (Export your GEDCOM data to your Palm)
  • Genealogy 1.0 (Search for genealogical information. For Palms with wireless connections)
  • Parish Finder5 1.0 (Locate parishes within a given radius of a given parish. For use in UK only)
  • Pocket Genealogist (Take your genealogy data with you on your PocketPC or other Windows-powered mobile device)
  • Genealogy Apps from Donald Keiffer (Mr. Keiffer has created several apps for PDA use)

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