Quad Cities Scanning Home Page

County of Rock Island, Illinois
Agency Frequency/Talkgroup Notes
Rock Island County Sheriff's Department
Conventional Radios
159.150 Dispatch
  155.715 TAC
  154.980 F3
  460.050 Extenders
  460.550 TAC
  15-041 / 155.370 Quad City Net
  155.055 IREACH
  460.0875 Rock Island County Jail
  460.525 Rock Island County Jail
Rock Island County 911
Conventional Radios
154.310 Fire Dispatch
  154.190 Rural Fire Dispatch Channel
  154.280 Link to Scott County, Iowa, for Mutual Aid
Health Department
Conventional Radios
155.82750 Mobiles
Greater Metropolitan Area Housing Authority of Rock Island County
Conventional Radios
Rock Island County Road Department
Conventional Radios
Soil and Water Conservation
Conventional Radios
Indian Bluff Golf Course
Conventional Radios
453.0625 Mobiles
  458.0625 Mobiles
Metropolitan Airport Authority
Conventional Radios
Frequencies in Quad City Aviation  
Rock Island County Metropolitan Mass Transit District (MetroLINK)
Conventional Radios
453.325 Bus Ops

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