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Forrets Listed in the Ellis Island Online Database

The April 17, 2001, launch of the Ellis Island online database has offered genealogists a wealth of immigration-related information, including ship manifests. A search under "Forret" revealed the names below. Among them are some directly related to the family tree listed on this site. We'll work to fit the information into this site. Click on each blue, bolded name for more information on that individual. We encourage you to visit

Passenger Name Residence Arrived Age on Arrival
Andrew Forret N/A 1922 29
Ramiro Forret Havana, Cuba 1909 20
Alredo Forret Havana, Cuba 1909 38
Maria Forret N/A 1909 48
Jakob Forret Des Moines, Iowa, USA 1909 53
Andrew Forret Leith 1919 24
Leon Forret Michigan, USA 1910 32
Henry Forret N/A 1912 32
Henri Forret Doomkerke, Belgium 1902 22
Alfons Forret Ruiofeleta (sic), Belgium 1900 23
Georges Forret Paris, France 1916 45
James Forret Edinburgh 1906 24
Leon Forret* Pitthem, Belgium 1919 41
Augusta Forret* Pitthem, Belgium 1919 24
Matta Forret* Pittehem (sic), Belgium 1919 7
Juan Forret Barcelona, Spain 1914 29
Christen Forret N/A 1894 45
*Apparently, husband, wife and daughter traveling together. See the La Savoie Passenger Manifest for more information. To maintain readability, the manifest is available as a 261k .gif file.


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