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The purpose of site is not only to present our Forret family information, but to offer a location for other Forrets to publish genealogies as well. As a result, this site may become a resource for those who are researching the Forret name and the many surnames with links to it. If you have any information you would like to add, whether it's a full genealogy or a smaller piece of documentation, your contributions are welcome!

This page is a holding area. As has expanded, we've encountered new names of many individual Forrets that may or may not fit into the existing family trees. For those who don't, we would like to build a new lineage. If you can provide any information regarding these Forrets, please let us know. Contact us via e-mail at or leave a note on the Message Board.

  • Forrets Listed at Ellis Island

  • Biography of Jacob Forret

  • Elisabeth Forret - married to Joannes De Moor (d. January 1, 1785). Originated in the area of Ghent, Belgium. For more information, see Jacques Missault's message board post.

  • Alfred Forret - emigrated to the United States. Arrived at Port of New York, from Liverpool and Queenstown, on RMS Abyssinia. He sailed in steerage class and arrived in New York on April 22, 1872.
    He was 28 years old at the time, his occupation was listed as labourer, and country of origin was Germany.

  • Johann Forret - born in 1635 and died October 26, 1709 in Danzig. He married Cäcilia Ritsch in 1660. Their son, Johann Forret, was born in 1666 in Königsberg, Germany. He married Sara Clemens and died on April 14, 1738, in Danzig. Johann and Sara had a daughter, Anna Forret, who was born April 20, 1701, in Danzig. She married Carl Uphagen. Her date of death was March 11, 1773, in Danzig.

  • Louise Forret married Eugene Papillion on January 11, 1883, in Kewaunee County, Wisconsin, USA. A copy of their marriage record provides this information:

    • Date of Marriage Registration: December 20, 1883
    • Occupation of Husband: Farming
    • Residence of Husband: Egg Harbor, Wisconsin
    • Birthplace of Husband: Oisseau (?) France
    • By what ceremony contracted: Catholic Rite
    • Name of person pronouncing marriage: G.J. Pellegrin
    • Names of Witnesses: (nearly illegible, they include a Joseph Forret)
    • Father of Husband: Louie Papillion
    • Mother of Husband: (illegible)
    • Father of Wife: Julien Forret
    • Mother of Wife: (illegible)

  • Cornil Forret married Catherine Grony on December 9, 1653

  • Nicaise Forret married Jacqueline Duries on June 20, 1685

  • Nicolas Forret married Catherine Bale on May 8, 1647

  • Nicolas Forret married Jeanne Decouster on February 8, 1678

  • Philippe Forret married Pétronille Kockenpo on February 14, 1688

  • Elie Forret is listed in Records of Louisiana Confederate Soldiers (Vol. 1) by Andrew B. Booth. He was a Private in Company H, 2nd Louisiana Cavalry En., mustering in on September 1, 1862, Napoleonville, Louisiana.

  • Created in 1857 by Napoleon III, the Ste. Helene's Medal was awarded to the 390,000 soldiers living in 1857, who had fought with Napoleon I during the 1792-1815 wars. Some 405,000 soldiers were decorated between 1857 and 1870; 350,000 French soldiers and 55,000 foreign soldiers (countries included Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Italy, Germany). According to the The Saint Helene's Medal Database, two Forrets received this French decoration:

    • Jean Louis Forret, born 1787, was a Corporal from Marthille, district of Château Salins, from 1807 to 1809. According to the document, he was wounded in the leg.
    • Amand Forret is listed as Belgian. There is an Amandus Forret in this site's Belgian Lineage. His dates correspond with the time period for an adult male to have served in Napoleon I's army. With the limited information on this entry, however, a connection between the two cannot be confirmed.

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