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The Lineage of Camiel (Camille) Forret

What we have learned from Belgian government documents: On February 7, 1893, Camiel Forret and Maria Fonteyne (daughter of Desiderius Fonteyne and Natalia Huys, Pittem) were married in the presence of several witnesses, including Eligius Coussens (a retired public official, aged 55 years), Hector Coussens and Henri Leenknecht. According to the document, Maria was aged 19 years, 11 months, at the date of marriage. By this time, Camiel's father, Clement, was deceased. Camiel's mother, Marie, aged 56 years at the time, was present.

As is still the practice in Belgium, an announcement of the impending marriage was posted publicly in Pittem, for all to see. If anyone in the community had protested the marriage, a complaint could have been made to the local governing official (if, for example, one of the engaged parties were legally married to another). This document states that the announcement was made two weeks prior, and no complaints were registered.

A scanned copy of the original marriage document can be found here in two parts: < Part 1 >  < Part 2 >

A passenger manifest shows that Camiel and Edmond crossed the Atlantic Ocean in 1910, aboard the S.S. Lusitania, sailing from Liverpool, England to New York City, USA. The document lists Camiel's "calling or occupation" as "farmer," and Edmond's as "laborer," as well as documenting that both could read and write. Camiel's wife, Maria Fonteyne of Pittem, Belgium, is listed under the heading "name and address of nearest relative or friend in country whence alien came." According to the manifest, passage for both men was paid by Camiel. A heading was included for the name of a friend or relative that the immigrants would be joining upon arrival at their final destination in the United States: Rock Island, Illinois. Edmund Verbiest's name is listed, along with an address of 2524 5th Avenue, Rock Island. Note: In the "Lost Liners" section of, you can view an interactive diagram of the Lusitania.

Camiel (Camille) Forret (b. Wingene, September 11, 1865 - d. Froissy, France, October 27, 1938)
Maria Emilia Fonteyne (b. Belgium, March 1, 1873 - d. Froissy, France, March 9, 1938)
Married at Pittem, February 7, 1893

  1. Edmond Ernest Forret (b. Pittem, Belgium, November 9, 1893 - d. Grand Mound, Iowa, January 23, 1964 - Interred in Calvary Cemetery, Grand Mound, Iowa)  <biography>
    Ella Irene Hahn (b. Grand Mound, Iowa, July 20, 1895 - d. Grand Mound, Iowa, May 21, 1980 - Interred in Calvary Cemetery, Grand Mound, Iowa)
    Married at Grand Mound, Iowa, on January 24, 1917

    • James Edmond Forret (b. Calamus, Iowa, June 22, 1928 - d. Grand Mound, Iowa, October 17, 1983 - Interred in Calvary Cemetery, Grand Mound, Iowa)
      Velma Doris Smith (b. Clinton, Iowa, October 5, 1934)
      Married at DeWitt, Iowa, on July 2, 1955

      • Deb Forret (b. May 29, 1956)

      • Barb Forret (b. August 28, 1957)

      • Karen Forret (b. March 21, 1961)

      • Steve Forret (b. June 11, 1964)

      • Monica Forret (b. November 15, 1965)

      • Jeff Forret (b. October 26, 1972)

    We have also acquired birth certificates for three other children of Camiel and Maria. Helen Phlypo has added dates and names, as well. Merci, Helen!

  2. Marguerite Marie [Margareta Maria] Forret (b. Pittem, March 6, 1895 - d. Compiègne, France, August 26, 1981 - Interred in Noroy, France)
    Gaston Léon Phlypo (b. March 24, 1892, Pvelcapelle, Belgium - d. September 25, 1954, Noroy, France)

    • Michel Jérôme Gaston Phlypo (b. January 10, 1922, Oursel-Maison, France)
      Reine Amélie Mathilde Duchemin (b. ? - d. ?)
      Married June 2, 1945, in Noroy, France

      • Serge Gaston Julien Phlypo (b. ? - d. ?)

      • Daniel Michel René Phlypo (b. ? - d. ?)

      • Jean-Michel Phlypo (b. ? - d. ?)

  3. Maurice Jules [Mauritius Julius] Forret (b. January 5, 1899 - d. January 27, 1986)
    Simone Paillart (b. ? - d. ?)

  4. Rémi Emile [Remigius Emilus] Forret (b. April 18, 1900 - d. July 5, 1982)
    Geneviève Bilcocq (b. 1909 - d. 1978)

    • Marie Berthe Forret
    • Arthur Georges Forret
    • Irma Berthe Forret
    • Berthe Forret


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